Joint Microbiome Facility (JMF)
Medical University of Vienna and University of Vienna

Althanstraße 14
1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 4277 91212
Twitter: @JMF_Vienna


  • Arrival by public transport (Wiener Linien):
    Subway line U4 or U6 station “Spittelau”, or Tram line D station “Liechtenwerder Platz, Augasse or Althanstrasse”.
  • Enter the UZA 1 building of the University of Vienna via one of the main entrances at Althanstraße 14 or Augasse 2-6.
  • Go to level 2 (Ebene 2) – 2 flights of stairs from Althanstraße, 1 flight from Augasse.
  • JMF is located within the Division of Microbial Ecology in the building UZA 1 on the northern path (Nordweg), west of the main axis of the building on level 2, between “Spange 3” and “Spange 4”.